Wake Up Sheeple!

Conspiracy Theories are running rampant — reality is split.

The stories we tell, the data won’t fit.

We anthropomorphize enemies that don’t exist,

Enemies that rule the world from on high,

Like gods they even control the weather in the sky.

We’ve been hard-wired to think this way for millennia.

Zeus brings the lightning,

Poseidon the waves,

Now it’s the deep state, the Clintons,

And Bill Gates makes plagues.

Those anchored to the collective consensus,

Holding firm to the context we’ve built together,

Reject these myths in disgust!

“How dare you throw out all the work we’ve done,

All the science, all the math, all the logic, just for fun?!

You’ve gone crazy, I say, endangering lives with lies,

All to believe in myths which I despise.”

But in our reaction to false narratives we often trample the deeper threads of truth hiding in the details. These conspiracy theories are not coming out of nowhere.

Everyone is hard-wired and conditioned to act as they do. We are thinking types, feeling types, sensates, and intuitives. And every truth-seeker is seeking truth, only in their own unique way.

During the pandemic, the unknown threat has made everyone more anxious which drives us to jump to conclusions so we have actionable narratives to work from. That’s how we survive. Thinking types dig into the data and analyze it until they find a story that fits. Feeling types grieve for the losses and find a story that fits the emotions they feel. Sensates pick up on the energy people are putting off collectively and find a story that fits chaotic cacophony.

Intuitives have been getting strong messages of distrust for reality, and they look for the stories that match that energy. While their minds may have been hijacked by manipulative storytellers to drive a political agenda, their original intuitions weren’t necessarily wrong.

The intuition draws attention to something that the mind doesn’t. And the myths they are seeing as true are metaphors for something under the surface.

What is true about them?

What are we all intuiting right now?

Anxiety, distrust, like the world isn’t what we were taught it is, like we are in trouble, like the people in charge are leading us to the cliff’s edge, hurting our children and the future, like we are being controlled, brainwashed, manipulated, like we need to wake up from a delusional reality…

And that is all true.

It is evident that we are living in echo chambers curated by AI and our tribal instincts and that at least half of us are not seeing reality clearly. How do we determine who is right and who is wrong? Or are we all right and wrong simultaneously?

What could the conspiracy theorists be right about?

What are chemtrails other than our anxiety around the environment and air pollution quietly and gradually poisoning our planet and our people? We anthropomorphize an evil government behind it because our brains prefer to story a clear enemy to destroy instead of the complex systemic culture of industrialization and waste which makes us part of the problem.[RA1]

Flat Earthers don’t need science — they are instinctively drawn to point out that the government is lying to us — that is the deeper truth for them, that we are brainwashed to believe everything is fine when it is not.

Qanon is the conglomerate conspiracy theory. A deep state cabal raping our children, drinking their life-blood, brainwashing the masses, and silencing any voices that would challenge their total power — as improbable as that may sound — is really about several real fears that we all are facing today. Sexual abuse is prevalent in our society due to an unhealthy relationship with sex and communication. We are sexually repressed and addicted to pornography, and that causes great angst in the population as well as sexual abuse. And there is a very real global child pornography and sex trafficking market that some of our citizens are involved with. Drinking children’s adrenochrome is perhaps the symbolic notion that we are destroying our children’s future by continuing to borrow more, sending the mortgage forward on many fronts, including the environment, natural resources, international relationships, and our national debt. These children are innocent and at some deep emotional level we know we are leaving all of our shit for them to solve. The distrust of our government and its incestuous relationship with big business is somewhat true — the Deep State is real, it just isn’t hidden — it is in plain sight — a rotating family of politicians and corporate lobbyists. And the brainwashing is real too, only not in the MK Ultra sort of way, but more like The Matrix: today we are brainwashed by news, by our echo-chambers, by talented manipulators, but moreso by technology, the savior of our culture which has co-opted our brains on behalf of Capitalism to sell us more things we don’t need — switching our brains back to their reptilian form, it distracts us from our real problems. This is the faceless enemy they are so afraid of, that some conspiracy theorists label Lizard People or aliens. This is our deep existential fear of AI and it isn’t going away.

Thinking and feeling types are driven to categorize and judge. That’s what they are good at, and their mentality dominates society. When intuitive types bring their ideas in metaphoric form, the thinkers slam them for poor logic and not doing sufficient research. But our intuitions are pointing to the bigger problems that we have been ignoring.

But isn’t it pleasurable to tell people how wrong they are? How stupid are those democrats, republicans, conspiracy theorists?! Canceling dangerous ideas is so much easier than grappling with the truly wicked systemic problems we have in front of us. Instead we cancel one bad apple at a time, a symbolic gesture of solving the problem — a scapegoat. Instead of grappling with the entirety of the problem of sexism, we quickly fire some high-profile men, which saves face for the corporation and the culture ultimately responsible but makes us feel like we did something useful, if only symbolically. We see police brutality perpetrated on black men and we cancel “bad cops” instead of addressing the culture as a whole that is responsible. We cancel one politician as if it will save the day when the culture of politics needs major reformation. We cancel a drug or fire a doctor instead of asking if our medical paradigm is set up for greed instead of health. We cancel the citizen going crazy instead of asking how the culture made him crazy. We lock up a pedophile and say, “one less monster on the street,” instead of asking what is causing this behavior in the first place. This is the delusion the intuitives are trying to point out.

We have grown up in a culture that rewards us for abusing our bodies and dominating others in order to get more of a made-up concept called money. By the time we retire, our bodies are irreparably harmed and money can’t buy us our health back. While abusing ourselves to get ahead, we stepped on hundreds of people who will now spread that abusive behavior because they think it is the only way to succeed. Once that sociopathic behavior is ubiquitous among CEOs, what expert is going to claim otherwise? And using our overpowered brains to keep getting more money, we have inverted our relationship with nature itself, fitting it around the unnatural “needs” of a sick mind.

This sick mentality is rooted in the mythology of rugged individualism, which in turn is rooted in religious notions that we are superior to the animals and entitled to rule the world. We think we are separate or can separate ourselves from others around the world, but then Covid-19 shows us we can’t. We are not separate at all. We are completely interconnected, sharing micro-organisms with each other constantly, parts of nature that are probably enhancing our overall health.

The reaction to fear a virus created by nature is normal. It has happened many times before in human history and never were we zen and accepting of our fate. But only now do we think we know enough to actually fight it. And perhaps we will save lives through our tactics, but ultimately we can’t beat nature because we are nature. If we beat nature, we will also beat ourselves.

We are completely dependent on this planet for our survival. If we were to leave the Earth for too long, not sharing our microbiota with other humans or animal or plant species, living in only a sterile environment, we would probably get sick and die. The Earth is our home and the only home we are genetically suited for. Another planet with similar characteristics would be teaming with alien bacteria and viruses that would likely kill us within days. This planet’s bacteria and viruses heal us and regulate our bodies.

We have lost touch with our very nature as human beings. How many of us are estranged from our own bodies, forcing them through diet and exercise regimens without ever listening to what they are telling us about their needs? How many of us are ashamed of our own bodies to the point that we don’t trust our feelings or intuitions and we therefore ignore them? And having no strong embodied sense of who we are and what we want, how many of us are so lost in our own jumbled thoughts that we will trust the collective consensus without scrutiny, even if it is driving us toward a cliff? This is what some conspiracy theorists and intuitives are pointing out when they tell people, “wake up, sheeple!” They are noticing the group think defending itself like a herd of sheep running away from alternative perspectives.

Now, these same intuitives are wandering down rabbit-holes of other cult-like preachers seriously detached from reality, trying to convert their friends to quite incredulous claims. Intuitives are good at looking outside of the normal purview for a different perspective, but they may be misinterpreting their own intuition.

What is the real message bubbling up in the age of Covid? To wake up from this delusion of separateness to our interconnectedness? To be embodied, off our mind-controlling story-spinning devices for a few days and engaged with what it means to be human, to be alive?

What are we really? What is it to be human? What is life?

Life on this planet seems to have formed after the surface cooled, after asteroids delivered water and other molecules, after clouds formed and lightning struck the water to activate bacteria — simple organisms that gave birth to all life on the planet. Every species on this planet contains the genetic thumbprint of these grandmother organisms.

Life plays with itself, splitting off into diverse forms, mutating, exploring.

Life adapts to the environment.

Life eats other life and consumes energy, always giving back a byproduct that is food for other creatures.

Life defends itself, fighting to survive.

Life favors the healthy and kills off the weak, but sometimes protects the weak.

Life learns.

Life takes care of other life, building tribes of organisms in synergistic relationship.

Life forms superorganisms — ecosystems, cities, entire planets that are interdependent and thriving.

Thinking we are above the Earth, somehow separate, we are drilling into the earth to extract poisonous chemicals, burning those chemicals to move things around and build giant structures to last for centuries. While we have killed off half the species on the planet, we have made ourselves sick as well — children growing up with shrunken lungs, increased risk of birth defects. And rather than looking at the big picture of what we are doing to ourselves, we come up with new technologies to “solve the problem,” new drugs to mask the symptoms of our sickness — cancel culture all over again.

Why are so many people overweight and obese in our society?

A rat was put in a cage with cocaine water and regular water. Alone, he drank the cocaine water until it killed him. With companions and toys, he didn’t touch the cocaine water.

We’ve engineered unhealthy addictive foods and given people a life that doesn’t completely nourish them. We are animals out of our natural habitat. Of course, we are miserable!

To continue to do the same thing and expect different results is insanity, but we keep doing it. Instead of waking up from the false idea that we are separate from nature, we make up conspiracy theories, attack people for misinformation, and avoid the discussion of what our real problems are. This is the great brainwashing that people are intuiting. We have forgotten what we are.

We are alive! We are animals, brilliant animals with powerful and elegant bodies that work in unison with our brains to adapt and meet the challenges of today. We are more than we can measure with physical instruments and senses alone, what we call spiritual, and that requires more sensitivity, not less, a deeper and more expansive perception of the here and now. When we are stuck in our heads, that disembodied mentality keeps us squabbling about “facts” out of context; like theologians arguing about dogma rather than experiencing the Divine. If we would only breathe in all that the world is offering us right now and breathe out the best we have to offer based on all of our generational and genetic gifts, we would have the conversation that needs to be had.

We would talk about how to adapt to nature rather than continuing to adapt nature to us. We would talk about half the species on the planet dying from climate shifts and pollution and that we could be next. We wouldn’t be blaming other people or gods for the weather but taking responsibility for our collective actions. We wouldn’t talk about recycling; we would talk about producing tools that never need to be recycled. We wouldn’t just talk about carbon capture — we would talk about producing zero carbon. We wouldn’t talk about renewable energy — we would talk about using biological energy to power everything — nature’s way. We wouldn’t talk about compost pits — we would talk about how to integrate ourselves into the natural ecosystem of the land we are living on and how that will make us happier and healthier than we are right now.

We would question our entire way of life — not try to make a few changes, but design our culture after nature, which in turn would allow our minds to continue to evolve smarter and wiser.

All we have to do is pluck this big idea out of our minds — that we are somehow superior to nature and not at one with it — and we can return to sanity, reality, together.

This is the big message, the clarity trying to arise in the collective consciousness. It is trying to wake us up any way it can, and if we refuse to listen, it will manifest crazier diseases, crazier politicians, and crazier conspiracy theories. So let’s wake up now, like good sheep who realize our shepherd isn’t a cult leader or a president but a planet lovingly trying to heal us of our temporary madness. It’s telling us it’s not too late, but we have to wake up now.



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Andrew Shepherd

Andrew Shepherd


Filmmaker, writer, edutainer. Graduated from USC film school, founding member of Mind-University and President of Converging Perspectives.