Andrew Shepherd
2 min readMar 1, 2022


We are anesthetized in our current world,

Restrained from our nature as animals,

So that society can function smoothly.

We don’t let the animal out,

The soul begins to atrophy,

And we become desperate to feel something,


Twitching legs,

Tight shoulders,

Anxiety building slowly,

Our bodies know that we are in chains.

Bullied by our minds,

The gatekeepers to life,

Our bodies resist however they can:


Simple pleasures;

Even pain;
Whatever it takes to feel alive.

Now addicted to these sensations,

Sometimes drugs,

Sometimes worse,

All just to feel something

While our souls writhe in agony.


Because their worth cannot be measured,


Because we cannot extract money from them,

Our souls torment us from the lower dungeons of our minds.

The great irony is…

That our souls are the source of happiness,

The source of our power,


And motivation,

The only way to perform effortlessly,


At whatever we are doing,

The essence of our true gifts which,

When we give them to society,

Make it thrive.

We say we have a sick, fat, depressed society,

But that means we have a soul-repressed society,

Desperate to wake up and replace those nasty low-grade addictions

For the joy of being truly alive.



Andrew Shepherd

Filmmaker, writer, edutainer. Graduated from USC film school, founding member of Mind-University and President of Converging Perspectives.